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Uniqueness of India’s smart cities

India is moving to its cities and it is now widely accepted that urban centres will be critical to country’s overall cultural and economic growth. Urbanisation is taking place at a faster rate in India. Population residing in urban areas in India, according to 1901 census, was 11.4%. This count increased to 28.53% according to… Continue reading Uniqueness of India’s smart cities

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A, B, C, D of GST Bill

What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)? As the name suggests, the GST will be levied both on goods (manufacturing) andservices. A single, comprehensive tax that will subsume all the other smaller indirect taxes on consumption like service tax, etc. This is how it is done in most developed countries. Let’s know the structure… Continue reading A, B, C, D of GST Bill

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China’s inclusion in IMF currency basket

What is a Special Drawing Right? The fund created the SDR in 1969 to boost global liquidity as the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates unraveled. While the SDR is not technically a currency, it gives IMF member countries who hold it the right to obtain any of the currencies in the basket --… Continue reading China’s inclusion in IMF currency basket

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Explained: Why is Chennai under water?

While stormwater drains are supposed to be planned on the basis of detailed topographical data, their linkage with water bodies, construction along their course, and the design of roads have rarely been seen as part of a whole. As a result, drains constructed over the past decade have repeatedly proved inefficacious — and showed up… Continue reading Explained: Why is Chennai under water?