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New Initiative to Enable Higher Agriculture Yield per Unit


  • To reduce cost of cultivation
  • Enable higher yield per unit
  • Realize remunerative prices for farmer

Some of the important new initiatives taken

Soil Health Card (SHC)

  • Ability to get to know the exact nutrient level available in their soils
  • Ensure judicious use of fertiliser application and save money
  • Ensure balanced use of fertiliser, enhancing productivity and higher returns to the farmers


Soil Testing Laboratories established


Neem Coated Urea

  • Promoted to regulate urea use
  • Enhance its availability to the crop and cut on cost
  • The entire quantity of domestically manufactured urea is now neem coated


ParampragatKrishiVikasYojana (PKVY)

  • To promote organic farming in the country
  • Will improve soil health and organic matter content
  • Increase net income of the farmer so as to realise premium price


The Pradhan MantriKrishiSinchaiYojana (PMKSY)

  • To expand cultivated area with assured irrigation,
  • Reduce wastage of water and
  • Improve water use efficiency


Market Intervention Scheme (MIS)

To protect the growers of these commodities from making distress sale in the event of bumper crop when the prices tend to fall below the economic level/cost of production


Centrally Sponsored Schemes—

  • National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
  • Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)
  • National Mission on Oilseeds &Oilpalm (NMOOP)
  • National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)
  • National Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology (NMAET)
  • National Crop Insurance Programme (NCIP)
  • Unified National Agriculture Markets
  • RashtriyaKrishiVikasYojana (RKVY)

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