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Diesel vs Petrol as a pollutant

So, why is diesel the fuel of choice for bigger vehicles? Apart from the fact that it is cheaper than petrol in India, the diesel engine is more efficient. The diesel combustion cycle yields a leaner fuel-air mixture to operate at optimal efficiency as compared to petrol engines. Measured by volume, diesel is more energy-dense… Continue reading Diesel vs Petrol as a pollutant

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‘Smart’ to ‘sensitive’ policing

In 2014 Modi shifted DGP conference’s permanent venue from Delhi to Guwahati for the first time since its inception in 1965, where he spoke on S-Sensitive and Strict, M-Modern and Mobile, A-Alert and Accountable, R-Responsive and Reliable, T-Techno savvy and Trained” police. This year PM said- “sensitivity has to be vital element of policing. Police… Continue reading ‘Smart’ to ‘sensitive’ policing