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Tackling the demographic challenge

Until recently, India’s large population was considered to be a huge barrier to prosperity and progress. Economists predicted that India was a “population bomb” waiting to explode. However, in the post-liberalisation era, with China showing the way and proving that a massive population can be harnessed for societal and economic progress, a new mantra is… Continue reading Tackling the demographic challenge

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Issues related to Police

Following are the issues which need to be discussed in the conference (DGP Conference in Kutch): Collection and analysis of preventive intelligence: The most important and challenging task faced by the law enforcement authorities and intelligence agencies today is the collection and analysis of preventive intelligence and follow-up action, especially pertaining to terrorists and insurgents… Continue reading Issues related to Police

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Impact of US FED rate hike

Watch video here! Summary: The US central bank recently raised its benchmark federal funds rate for the first time in more than nine years. The rate had been next to zero since December 2008 and is now increased by a quarter points. This move affects everything from capital flows to stock markets. Experts say that… Continue reading Impact of US FED rate hike

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Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015

Article Link In an effort to take air travel to the masses, the Union government, in October 2015, came out with its new draft civil aviation policy. Highlights of the Policy: The policy proposes to cap small town route fares at Rs. 2,500 per flying hour per ticket and imposes a 2% cess on all… Continue reading Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015

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Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction

Mohammad Tahir representing Bihar in the Constituent Assembly during the debate on the Constitution on July 28, 1947 said that “the Upper House is a creation of imperialism” and argued that independent India did not need it. To which Gopalaswami Ayyangar, replied that “the role of the Upper House is merely to delay legislation which might… Continue reading Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction