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Why no Corporate Bond Market?

Article Link Despite several recommendations being implemented, Corporate Bond Market in India remains to be underdeveloped. There is still anaemic activity in existing corporate bonds, and anaemic issuance of new corporate bonds in relative terms. Added to this is the steadily falling debt to equity ratios of Indian corporate since 1990s, which indicates the reduced… Continue reading Why no Corporate Bond Market?

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Renewed attempts to stabilise Afghanistan

Watch Debate here Summary: Renewed attempts are being made for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Representatives of over two dozen countries met in Islamabad earlier this month as part of the Heart of Asia conference. This process was launched in 2011 to promote Afghan peace efforts. The conference ended with calls for the resumption of… Continue reading Renewed attempts to stabilise Afghanistan

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Liveable Cities Mission

Article Link India’s 100 smart cities project and a new urban renewal mission are important steps toward dealing with an old problem that has only got progressively worse over the years: urban liveability. With an estimated investment of $15 billion, Smart Cities Project is given top priority by the centre. With this mission, the union… Continue reading Liveable Cities Mission

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The gap in Environmental Crime Statistics

Article Link The recently concluded Paris Climate talks and New Delhi’s new Odd-Even formula indicate that environmental protection is receiving a greater attention from the whole world. While data is easily available on pollution levels and emissions, statistics on crimes against the environment are harder to come by. In 2014, the National Crime Records Bureau… Continue reading The gap in Environmental Crime Statistics