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Public and Private sector

The debate about reforms pivoted on one central axis. What should be the role of the public and private sectors in development? This debate is not as simple as ideological purists think. And the mere rolling back of the licence-permit raj in areas of industrial production was only a small part of this debate. Admittedly,… Continue reading Public and Private sector

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A compilation of state-level good practices

Good Practices Resource Book 2015, focusing on social-sector delivery. By “social sector” one often means education and health. (child protection, education, environment, financial inclusion, food security and public distribution, health, infrastructure and development, local governance, social security, water and sanitation, and women’s empowerment — have a broader “social security” canvas) One, child protection — Sampark… Continue reading A compilation of state-level good practices

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RBI panel for more financial inclusion steps

Deepak Mohanty Panel report on medium-term path on financial inclusion. The recommendations include * Banks have to make special efforts to step up account opening for females. Given the government’s emphasis on the welfare of the girl child, it suggested that the government can consider a welfare scheme—Sukanya Shiksha —that can be jointly funded by… Continue reading RBI panel for more financial inclusion steps

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Making Paris Agreement work

The recently concluded 21st session of the Conference of Parties (COP21) and its outcome agreement have evoked mixed responses across the world. India is happy about the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words such as ‘equity’, ‘climate justice’, ‘sustainable lifestyle’ and ‘reducing consumption’ have been kept intact in the agreement. However, it must be… Continue reading Making Paris Agreement work

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Explained-Parliament and its committees

What are parliamentary committees and what do they do? A lot of parliamentary business gets done in these committees, away from both Houses. The popular perception, that MPs work only when Parliament is in session (three sessions in a year), is a bit uncharitable. Every member of the House is a member of one of… Continue reading Explained-Parliament and its committees

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What do you understand by the Doha Development Agenda (DDA)? What is India’s stand vis a vis DDA? Examine.

Doha Development Agenda (DDA) is the name given to the various issues that have to be negotiated among the World Trade Organization (WTO) members. It includes discussions on the following subjects: 1)Agriculture-to reduce trade distorting domestic subsidies and reducing export subsidies 2)Services-to strengthen the service sector with each government deciding how much it wants to… Continue reading What do you understand by the Doha Development Agenda (DDA)? What is India’s stand vis a vis DDA? Examine.