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What do you understand by the Doha Development Agenda (DDA)? What is India’s stand vis a vis DDA? Examine.

Doha Development Agenda (DDA) is the name given to the various issues that have to be negotiated among the World Trade Organization (WTO) members. It includes discussions on the following subjects:
1)Agriculture-to reduce trade distorting domestic subsidies and reducing export subsidies
2)Services-to strengthen the service sector with each government deciding how much it wants to open the sectors to foreign companies
3)Trade facilitation-to ease custom procedures and to facilitate quick movement of goods
4)Rules-to negotiate framework for anti-dumping duties, countervailing measures; and others.

India’s Stand :-
1)Developing countries are disappointed about the deadlock of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) which was introduced in 2001.India says that Doha talks contain the work of many years and reflects the development aspirations of developing countries and hence, cannot be abandoned midway and has opposed the attempts of Developed nations to stall DDA

2)Issue On Subsidy:-Developed countries are giving 70-80% subsidies to their farmers, which only they can afford to give.Developing Countries don’t have the wherewithal to pay these kinds of subsidies which distorts prices and make farmers vulnerable when the products hit markets.

According to the WTO rule, subsidies must not exceed 10% of the value of foodgrains produced and calculated at the base price of 1986-88. This is biggest issues which India is negotiating as it provides huge subsidies to farmers through various

3)Another issue for India is the provision of Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) under Agreement on Agriculture. The SSM allows countries to impose tariffs and other measures when agricultural imports cause injuries to domestic agricultural sector.

4)India wants the resolution of the issue of Public Stockholding so that it can imlement Food Security act and PDS schemes properly.Indian Public stockholding has always been criticised by the western nations.

5)India has long being champion of Generic medicines, which is not received very well by the occidental developed nations. For India, India has not agreed upon the IPR clause as dictated by the WTO,because if it agrees a great section of poor patients, medical sector will be hit along with medical tourism..

Western media’s alleges that India is delaying the trade talks. but India’s intention is not to delay the talks rather to ensure that the talks come to a successful, logical and balanced conclusion, and fulfillment of the development dimension in every aspect.

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