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Defence Sector stock

Watch debate here Summary: India has a land frontier, a coastline and an exclusive economic zone, as well as island territories, vital offshore installations and airspace to defend. The Indian forces, therefore, have to be kept well prepared and well equipped to repel any external threat. India’s defence spending has grown manifold since the country… Continue reading Defence Sector stock

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Article Link The Central government’s recent decision to revive NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid) is a welcome move in the fight against terrorism. The government is also planning to appoint a new head to the NATGRID. What is NATGRID? NATGRID was among the ambitious slew of intelligence reforms undertaken in the wake of the Mumbai attacksof… Continue reading Revive NATGRID

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Army is the first line in disaster management?

Article Link Indian Army’s active involvement in relief and rescue operations during the recent Chennai floods is praiseworthy. The Army’s heroic efforts were appreciated by many in the country. When it comes to rescue operations, Indian Army has always been at the forefront, no matter what kind of disaster it is. This has given rise… Continue reading Army is the first line in disaster management?