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What is the Internet of Things?

Definition: A world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, and where the physical objects can become active participants in business processes. Services are available to interact with these 'smart objects' over the Internet, query and change their state and any information associated with them, taking into account security and privacy issues. Internet… Continue reading What is the Internet of Things?

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State of Agriculture and Rural Economy

Watch debate here Summary: While the government is hopeful of the country being on the road to witness 4% agricultural growth, the challenges are manifold. While the agriculture remains the main occupational sector, rural demand has witnessed a slowdown leading many to point over the simmering agrarian crisis. Agriculture growth rate in India has not… Continue reading State of Agriculture and Rural Economy

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End of the Oil Age?

Article Link With a convergence of action and sentiment against oil products and oil companies, 2015 proved to be the year during which oil era entered the phase of terminal decline. The recently concluded Paris summit on climate change heralded a multinational effort to shift the global energy system away from fossil fuels including oil.… Continue reading End of the Oil Age?