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Drought vocabulary


If India’s monsoon rainfall were to dip below 10 per cent of the normal and span between 20 and 40 per cent of the country’s area, it would be called a “deficient” year instead of an “All India Drought Year”.

A more severe instance, where the deficit exceeds 40 per cent and would have been called an “All India Severe Drought Year,” will now be a “Large Deficient Year”.

Declaring droughts is the prerogative of States (not even that of the Central government)

The agency (IMD) had several definitions of drought:

  1. meteorological
  2. hydro-logical and
  3. agricultural,
    It was quite possible for a State to have a meteorological drought — 90 per cent shortfall of the average monsoon rainfall — but not suffer an agricultural drought —if the shortfall didn’t affect more than 20 per cent of the State’s area.

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