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Balancing Fairness and Efficiency

Article Link One common criticism of economics is that it focuses too much on efficiency, and not enough on things like equality, fairness and the welfare of future generations. Many economic issues involve conflict between efficiency and fairness. For example, free trade is widely believed by economists to be good for efficiency based on the… Continue reading Balancing Fairness and Efficiency

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Challenges for ‘Make in India’

Make in India is an ambitious programme of India that aims at promoting India as best investment destination and establishes India as a hub of global manufacturing Challenges to Make in India Ease of doing business-Government has taken various measures like, a dedicated Shram Suvidha Portal, An all-new Random Inspection Scheme, Universal Account Number, Apprentice… Continue reading Challenges for ‘Make in India’

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What works for Women at Work

Article Link In an attempt to arrest the declining rates of female work participation, the Union Government recently came out with a slew of measures including the increase maternity leave. Under the new rules, maternity leave has been increased from the current 12 weeks to 26 weeks. This has also been extended to all women… Continue reading What works for Women at Work