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Special Report – India-Indonesia: A Timeless Bond

Vice-president Hamid Ansari recently visited Indonesia. He termed this visit as- An old and deep friendship to be renewed. The visit was about taking the relationship forward – the political aspects, business links and the inherent human warmth. The closest distance between India and Indonesia is about 17 nautical miles. Strategically, and security and trade-wise,… Continue reading Special Report – India-Indonesia: A Timeless Bond

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An Out of the Box Idea for Bank Recapitalization

Article Link It is now widely acknowledged that the health of country’s state-owned banks has become worse in the last two years. Current state of these Banks: Stressed assets (including gross non-performing assets (NPAs) and restructured loans) on the books of state-owned banks were at 14% as of September 2015, dramatically higher than the 4.6%… Continue reading An Out of the Box Idea for Bank Recapitalization

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The case against customary exclusion

The article discusses the constitutional provisions of the Supreme Court’s quashing of Ban imposed by the sabarimala shrine on entry of women. Justice Misra’s reference to the Constitution, and his suggestion that its non-discrimination clauses might be applicable to this dispute, raise some complex questions about the relationship between freedom of religion, equality, individual rights,… Continue reading The case against customary exclusion