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Get down to business

Article Link Today, India has a more market-centric economy; there is a high degree of openness to foreign investment; business decisions are taken mainly on commercial considerations and the ability to compete in the marketplace; capital and technology move globally in search of friendly and salubrious environments. This has all been possible only because of… Continue reading Get down to business

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The Killing Fields and Why Agriculture Cannot Wait

why is the land-owning class across India waving the flag of rebellion, demanding a slice in the quota pie for education and jobs? The truth is that the business model of agriculture has broken down. The combination of shrinking holdings and withered returns has led to economic and, therefore, political and social marginalisation of the… Continue reading The Killing Fields and Why Agriculture Cannot Wait

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Demystify plethora of irrigation programmes

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) It is a modified programme of erstwhile: 1. Drought Prone Areas Programme (DPAP), 2.Desert Development Programme (DDP) and 3. Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) of the Department of Land Resources. This consolidation is for optimum use of resources, sustainable outcomes and integrated planning. The scheme was launched during 2009-10. Main… Continue reading Demystify plethora of irrigation programmes

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Economic integration and different types of trade agreements

What is economic integration & why go for it? Economic integration refers to trade unification between different states by the partial or full abolishing of customs tariffs on trade taking place within the borders of each state. The objective of this integration is to increase the combined economic productivity of the countries – easier access… Continue reading Economic integration and different types of trade agreements

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Railway Budget: What’s on offer?

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has announced his second Railway Budget. Interesting here to note is that unlike past, he has not announced any new trains, tracks or projects. While departing from his predecessors, Prabhu announced a slew of measures aimed at improving the travelling experience of passengers. Focus was also given on restructuring, reorganizing and… Continue reading Railway Budget: What’s on offer?

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Militarizing the South China Sea

There are reports that China has placed surface to air missile batteries in the Woody Island, a link in the chain of Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. Woody Island has been claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam. However, the island is under the control of China since 1974. Islands and rock formations in… Continue reading Militarizing the South China Sea

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Reservation demands: What’s the solution?

The issue of reservation has once again come to the fore. The Jats in Haryana have taken it to the streets demanding that they be included in the OBC list. This demand was considered by then Haryana state government in 2014 and the centre too had included them under the central OBC list in 2014.… Continue reading Reservation demands: What’s the solution?

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Quantifying the caste quotas

Article Link We have, in the past, observed that our political system wakes up only when the demand for reservation by a particular community turns into a violent protest. Even then, the government just confines itself to ascertaining demands of only that particular group. The government has never tried to re-examine the whole conundrum of… Continue reading Quantifying the caste quotas

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Focus on reviving agriculture needed

Agriculture GDP: (-)0.2% in 2014-15 1% in 2015-16  The distress in agriculture is due to two factors: The crash in global commodity prices Deficit rainfall for two years in a row 10 states have declared drought this year. Forward and backward linkages : Low agriculture growth also affects the prospects of manufacturing and services. For… Continue reading Focus on reviving agriculture needed

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A healthcare prescription

India’s economy is posting among the fastest growth rates globally Without Aarogya Bharat, the benefits from faster growth will be seriously compromised.  Morbidity cost to India: Is estimated at $6 trillion between now and 2030 Three times today’s gross domestic product (GDP).  Public health spending  Around 1% (1.2 %)of GDP while overall The country spends… Continue reading A healthcare prescription