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Focus on reviving agriculture needed

Agriculture GDP: (-)0.2% in 2014-15 1% in 2015-16  The distress in agriculture is due to two factors: The crash in global commodity prices Deficit rainfall for two years in a row 10 states have declared drought this year. Forward and backward linkages : Low agriculture growth also affects the prospects of manufacturing and services. For… Continue reading Focus on reviving agriculture needed

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A healthcare prescription

India’s economy is posting among the fastest growth rates globally Without Aarogya Bharat, the benefits from faster growth will be seriously compromised.  Morbidity cost to India: Is estimated at $6 trillion between now and 2030 Three times today’s gross domestic product (GDP).  Public health spending  Around 1% (1.2 %)of GDP while overall The country spends… Continue reading A healthcare prescription

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Section 124A should stay

There’s a strong case to retain Section 124A. Chapter Six of the IPC section 121 to 130 is titled “Offences against the state” which included the offences of waging war against the government of India a Collecting arms with the intention of waging such war. 124A, Sedition: “Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or… Continue reading Section 124A should stay

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A carrot for the honest

A lot has been discussed about pros and cons of a cashless economy. However, with government’s recent plan to allow more free ATM transactions, this topic has once again come to the fore. Few experts argue that instead of encouraging more free ATM transactions, the government should rather bring in policies that encourage cashless transactions.… Continue reading A carrot for the honest