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A healthcare prescription

India’s economy is posting among the fastest growth rates globally

Without Aarogya Bharat, the benefits from faster growth will be seriously compromised.

 Morbidity cost to India:

  • Is estimated at $6 trillion between now and 2030
  • Three times today’s gross domestic product (GDP).

 Public health spending

  •  Around 1% (1.2 %)of GDP while overall
  • The country spends over 4% (~3.9%)~

Health system is geared towards secondary and tertiary care.

Primary care, which is significantly less costly, is unorganized and largely not covered by insurance.

Pathetic Situation

  • Out of pocket expenditure is health in nearly 60% of health expenditure, three times the global average.
  • Insurance penetration is just 25% overall.
  • short of 2 million beds and doctors and 4 million nurses.
  • Urban India accounts for around 30% of the population but has 80% of healthcare infrastructure.
  • The average Indian’s life expectancy is only 66 years versus 75 in China and 74 in Brazil.
  • Some states such as Kerala, where outcomes are five times better today, learning can be taken from there and from international best practices.

Points to focus:

  • Increase health care spending from 1% of GDP to atleast 2.5–3%.
  •  Focus on 100% vaccination.
  •  Government, nongovernment and the private sector—must declare war on NCDs.
  •  Citizens must be supported with universal health insurance for primary care.
  • Improve healthcare quality. The way ahead is through institutionalizing minimum standards for healthcare.
  •  unleash technology to increase access and affordability. Example are Swasthya Slate and 3nethra.
  • Telehealth can expand reach and help scale scarce clinical talent, while mobile health can engage the population and improve adherence.
  • The private sector should also be key in enhancing the effectiveness of public infrastructure via public-private partnerships.

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