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India US defence cooperation and Make in India Initiative

US defence secretary Aston Carter visited India last week  and discussed ways of enhancing previous  defence initiatives,and  signed new agreements like logistical exchange of memorandum of agreement which  entails the militaries of two nations to share facilities for refuelling, supplies and spares. Various agreements which also promote Make in India initiative were also proposed. Make… Continue reading India US defence cooperation and Make in India Initiative

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eNAM-National Agriculture Markets

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched an online national agricultural products market platform that will integrate 585 wholesale markets across India. The launching of e-platform for marketing of agriculture products is being done with the aim to provide more options to farmers to sell their produce. This initiative is part of implementation of the roadmap… Continue reading eNAM-National Agriculture Markets

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Companies Bill affects independence of directors

Article Link The Bill seeking to make further amendments to the Companies Act has been referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee, which is expected to prepare its report within three months. After taking into consideration suggestions made by a high level panel on further possible changes to the law, the government had come up with… Continue reading Companies Bill affects independence of directors

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Crowd management in temples: Lessons from Kollam fire

Summary: The recent fireworks accident at Puttingal Devi temple in the southern district of Kollam in Kerala was the deadliest in the state’s history. More than 100 people died and nearly 400 injured. While hundreds of families are struggling to come to grips with the enormity of the tragedy, a blame game is being played… Continue reading Crowd management in temples: Lessons from Kollam fire

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Defence preparedness: the way forward

Article Link India spends a significant amount of resources on its national defence. Hence, efficiency in utilisation of resources is not only an economic imperative but vital for defence preparedness. Also, a successful foreign policy is predicated to a large measure on a country’s defence posturing. A robust defence posturing in turn is not possible… Continue reading Defence preparedness: the way forward