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Uttarakhand forest fires

Often unquantified, the social and economic impacts of forest fires are considerable: lives are lost, health problems occur, animals are killed and the environment suffers The disaster: Lives lost: 5 Land gutted by forest fire: Almost 1,600 acres of land (hundreds of villages/clusters) Forest Fire in India: Almost 50-55% of the total forest cover in… Continue reading Uttarakhand forest fires

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Software patent

Livemint Context The author has praised  Indian policymakers as they have steadfastly refused to kiss the pig called “software patents”, despite it being dressed up in the lipstick of “innovation”. This gives Indian software developers the freedom to innovate without worrying about patent lawsuits.Lipstick on a pig” is a popular Americanism for making superficial or… Continue reading Software patent

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Divestment: More than just revenue

Article Link Summary: Divestment in India is a by-product of the economic reforms initiated in 1991. Although the objective of redefining the role of the government versus the market started in 1991 and there was considerable discussion on the role of PSUs, the process of divestment was formalized only after the Divestment Commission was set… Continue reading Divestment: More than just revenue