Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (18th May)

Dear aspirants, following are the links of various articles taken from various newspapers. Click the link to read further. Thank you!

1-  Cabinet gives nod for 10 indigenous nuclear reactors (The Hindu)
This above article is important regarding India’s energy security, reducing Greenhouse Emission, Lower Coal import so addressing current account balance.

This article is important for GS Paper 3 in Economic and Environment section.

2- Article 142 and the need for judicial restraint  (The Hindu)
In this above article you will cover the importance of Article 142, Judicial activism,  judicial adventurism and importance of judicial restrain.

Link with GS paper 2 of judiciary section.

3- A great wall of paranoia (The Hindu)
This article is related with Belt and Road initiative of China and its implication from India’s perspective.

Link with GS Paper 2 of section- Effect of other countries’ policy over India’s interest.

4- The other debt issue (The Hindu)
This article discuss about the deterioration of state finances. Author asks for fiscal consolidation from states.  With private investment remaining elusive, the States’ focus on bolstering capital expenditure in sectors such as transport, irrigation and power is welcome (States’ capital expenditure as a proportion of their GDP has been higher than the Centre’s since 2011-12). But it is important that such funding remains sustainable and States stay solvent.

Link with GS paper 3- Fiscal management in economy section

5- GST to help cut costs of transport, logistics (The Hindu)
This article talks about the significance of GST. The Goods and Services Tax, set to start on July 1, will pare the cost of transport and logistics, formalise the sector, and could help bring supply chain management to the forefront.

Link with GS Paper 3 of taxation in Economic section

6- What lies below the district? (Indian Express)
This article talks about decentralization, local governance, 73rd and 74th amendment.

Link with GS paper 2 of Panchayati raj.

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