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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (29th May)

Dear aspirants, following are the links of various articles taken from various newspapers. Click the link to read further. To get notification, follow the blog. Thank you!

1- Zika virus: State steps up surveillance

Related to Science and Technology, Paper 1 prelims and Paper 3 Mains.

Zika was a rare tropical disease associated with mild symptoms. It takes its name from the Zika forest in Uganda where it was first identified by scientists in the 1940s. It is spread by mosquitoes, and so is called an “arbovirus”, in the same family as West Nile and dengue fever.

  • It attacks the nervous system and can lead to potentially fatal paralysis.
  • Zika is spread by the Aedes genus of mosquito, which transmits the disease when it bites a person infected with Zika, then bites another host.
  • The two most common mosquitoes to transmit the disease are the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus species.
  • Usually, Zika’s symptoms include fever, red and bumpy rash, joint pain and pink eye. However, many patients with Zika have no symptoms at all.
  • There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika.
  • It is believed that Zika is linked to a foetal deformation known as microcephaly, in which infants are born with abnormally small heads.


2. Black box of Su-30 recovered

Related to Science and Technology, Paper 1 prelims and Paper 3 Mains.

The Sukhoi Su-30 is a twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft developed by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. It is a multirole fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions.

Color of Black Box is orange and it used to fix in tail of the aircraft. Here flight data used to record.

3. Strategic ties with foreign OEMs

Related to Paper 3 economy and internal security

Private sector majors will be selected as the strategic partner for each segment and they will tie up with the foreign OEMs. A composite structure in the Ministry will be needed roll out the policy quickly unlike the present system

4. Country’s first underwater metro tunnel nears completion

Important for Paper 1 prelims economy

This tunnel is under the Hooghly river, the first such under-river project in the country, to provide metro connectivity between Howrah and Kolkata. The tunnel will be a crucial link for the Railway’s 16.6-km-long East-West Metro project in Kolkata.

5. All animals are equal

Related to Paper 2 and paper 4mains, Polity and Governance issues, Ethics

PCA act is modified to treat animals almost at par with humans. Is it a right move?

6. Centre’s spending improves after budget date advanced

Related to Paper 1 prelims and paper 3 Mains. Economy

The Budget date was advanced to February 1st and there have been positive effects due to this move.

7- Lessons from the ’70s: How we tackled the food shortages

Link it with GS Paper 3 (Food security)

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