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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (13th June)

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1- The road from St. Petersburg

There has been a certain depressing pattern in India-Russia relations over the past decade. Annual summit-level meetings have been marked by expressions of nostalgia for the glory days of Indo-Soviet friendship , declarations of solemn intent to take contemporary relations to new heights and highlighting common perspectives even as the two countries mostly go their respective ways.

Q- In a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, India and Russia find a more realistic basis and more compelling reasons to work together. Discuss

Link it with GS Paper 2 (Indo-Russia Relationship)

2- More to it than MSP

The rot in farming

Agricultural distress is often viewed as a short-term phenomenon in which farmers look for support from various quarters on account of being unable to get a gainful return due to price crash, poor marketing facilities, rising credit burden, increasing cost of inputs and frequent occurrence of natural calamities.

Q- Agricultural distress has become a permanent feature due to the failure of not only policymakers but also local institutions such as community or social networks which are supposedly weakening because of increasing individualisation. Explain

3- CPI inflation slows to lowest since 2012

Retail inflation in May, at 2.18%, eased to its lowest level since the Centre began measuring it on a nationwide basis in 2012, driven in large part by cooling food prices, according to a latest government release. Separate data showed industrial output expanded by 3.1% in April.

Q- What is inflation? What is the difference between CPI and WPI inflation measurement?

4- ‘CRMs, the true future of ATMs’

Q- What is cash recycling machines (CRMs) and why are they considered futures of ATMs?

Link it with GS Paper 3 (Science and Tech)

5- Raja Mandala: Engaging an inward looking US

Q- The quest for a multipolar world has been one of the central themes of India’s foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Comment

6- Should Constitution be amended to make Freedom of Speech a direct Fundamental Right?

Q- India should amend its Constitution and include the Freedom of Press as a direct right in the chapter on Fundamental Rights, rather than a derivative freedom of the Right to Speech and Expression . Critically Examine.

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