Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (19th June)

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1- New playground for non-state actors

Hidden terror was, till now, believed to be confined mainly to the less developed regions of the world — the 9/11 attack in the U.S. was seen as an aberration, or exception, rather than the rule in this respect.

Q- The Internet has become a dangerous ‘plaything’ in the hands of the many of the new-era terror outfits. Comment

Link it with GS Paper 3 (Internal security)

2- A quantum step to a great wall for encryption

Quantum mechanics (QM) is the dark arts of physics. Though physics — in the Newtonian mould — tells us how every object will precisely behave when pushed and hurled, QM deals with the invisible world of subatomic particles, where counter-intuitive rules apply.

Q- What are quantum mechanics’ cardinal principles ? Mention some applications of quantum mechanics in daily life.

Link it with GS Paper 3 (S&T)

3- Contest vs. consensus

The latter should be the default approachfor selecting a presidential candidate.

4- Why you don’t feel the record-low inflation

A CPI inflation rate below 2.5% is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence in India. Looking back at the history of the CPI – Industrial Workers (the older avatar of the index which has a longer history), we find that India has registered CPI inflation of less than 2.5% only in 12 months in 20 years.

5- Success, the ‘ZED’ way

While the ‘Make in India’ program has been incessantly analysed by economic commentators, the relatively less talked about the initiative is the effort to align with “zero defect, zero effect” (ZED). The ZED focus of the program is not only the most arduous to achieve but also most durable in its impact on overall competitiveness.

6- China includes CPEC in Tibet expedition

China has included the controversial $50 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor in its second scientific expedition to the 4,000-metre-high Qinghai-Tibet plateau to study changes in climate and environment over the past decades in the region.

7- Modi comes out of the closet with Israel

As the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel, Modi shows he is ready to break with the past and de-hyphenate the relationship with Palestine

Link it with GS Paper 2 (IR)

8- From Plate to plough: Why bumper harvests spell doom

With a glut in agricultural production, prices have fallen below MSPs. The government needs to get the agri-market right to address the farm crisis.

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