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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (21st June)

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1- KCR launches ambitious sheep distribution scheme

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday launched the sheep distribution scheme, one of the flagship programmes of the State government.

Link it with GS Paper 3 (animal husbandry)

2- Bringing GM to the table

The question of whether India should allow commercial production of GM crops has been one of the more enduring public policy debates over the last decade-and-a-half.

Q- What is meant by GM food? List out reasons for its opposition and how will it help in India’s food security program.

3- ‘We have to keep the door open for possibilities’

Read interview to know the views.

4- Farm debt waiver could hurt Punjab most: report

Punjab, which became the latest State to announce a farm loan waiver scheme on Monday, is most vulnerable to a fiscal shock from such debt write-offs along with three other States, while Uttar Pradesh could also overshoot its fiscal deficit goals on the same account, a research report by JM Financial said.

5- The invisible women farmers

An ex-company executive-cum-economist turns to the anchor during a discussion on the farmers’ agitation. “Overpopulation is destroying the farming activity. There are simply too many mouths to feed and the farms are shrinking.

Q- What is feminisation of agriculture? Examine the contribution of women in agriculture.

6- Putting philanthropy to work in India

Last week, Amazon founder and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos tweeted a request for ideas on philanthropic strategy. He noted that much of his work—through Amazon and The Washington Post, for example—was designed for impact in the long term. But for his philanthropic activities, he was interested in working at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact.

Link it to the Essay paper.

7- India’s money illusion problem

The recent farmer protests in some parts of the country throw fresh light on an old economic problem. People think in nominal rather than real terms. Price changes matter. The paradox of farmer protests when farm output is at record levels is less puzzling once we take falling food prices into account.

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