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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (26th June)

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1- Whose privilege?

The Karnataka Assembly’s resolution imposing a one-year prison sentence and Rs. 10,000 fine on the editors of two tabloids is indefensible and deserving of unsparing criticism.

Q- What is breach of privilege? Explain the privileges enjoyed by legislature.

2- Being smart

The Too Smart City

The Centre would like us to believe that the Smart Cities Mission will transform urban life in the agglomerations that enter the elite club. With the latest inclusions, there are 90 cities in the list, each of which proposes to turn ‘smart’, utilising core funding from the Centre and other resources.

Q- What is smart city? Pollution-free commons, walkability and easy mobility, with a base of reliable civic services, is the smart way to go in our cities. Discuss.

Link it with GS Paper 1 (Urbanization)

3- ‘Super-efficient energy category to be new norm’

The recently-released Energy Conservation Building Codes can save as much as 50% of conventional energy consumption, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) director general Abhay Bakre said in an interview.

Link it with GS Paper 1 (PRELIMS)

4- For a stronger India-U.S. bond

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to the U.S. this week, it is worth recalling that one of President Trump’s first phone calls following his inauguration was to the Indian leader, where he termed India as a “true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world.”

Q- The U.S.-India partnership has historically enjoyed bipartisan support, with successes in defence, security and civil nuclear cooperation over the last two decades. Critically examine.

5- Memories of another June

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inaugural visit with the Trump administration is more than an opportunity to continue the US-India dialogue; it’s an opportunity to improve relations and remove long-standing obstacles.

6- For innovation’s sake

Working together, the US and Indian governments have the opportunity to begin bilateral relationships afresh and move forward in the global economy together. This can only take place if both countries make concrete commitments to fostering innovation.

7- Meaning: Anti-profiteering

As per Section 171 of the CGST/SGST Act, any reduction in tax rate on any supply of goods or services, or any benefit of ‘input tax credit’, must be passed on to the recipient (for example, customer) by the registered person (e.g., trader) through a commensurate reduction in prices.

This anti-profiteering term was in news. Read about it.

8- Role Reversal: As US steps back from global leadership, India steps up

Once a byword for protectionism, India now stands ready to defend the benefits of global trade to a Washington grown wary of it. Take this all in.

Link it with GS Paper 2 (Indo-US relations)

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