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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (4th July)

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1- The organising principle of lynch mobs

What encourages Indians who subscribe to different religious persuasions, speak different languages, and hold different conceptions of the good to believe that they are equal members of a democratic political community?

Q- Right to life has to be read along with the right to equality and the right to freedom, granted by Articles 14 and 19 of the Fundamental Rights. Explain.

2- The delta miracle

Fresh evidence of loss of forest cover in the Indian Sundarbans, which represent a third of the largest contiguous mangrove ecosystem in the world, is a reminder that an accelerated effort is necessary to preserve them.

3- ‘Manufacturing slows to 4-month low’

Manufacturing activity slowed to a four-month low in June due to challenges posed by the implementation of Goods and Services Tax, a challenging economic environment, and water shortages in parts of the country, according to a private sector survey.

4- PM Modi lands in Israel today, his eyes set on removing more ‘hesitations of history’

When Narendra Modi lands at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport today — the first Indian PM to visit Israel — he will be initiating a historic process of formally changing India’s public and political approach towards dealing with the Jewish nation.

Link it with GS Paper 2 (Indo-Israel relations)

Q- “The relationship with Israel, so far, was like the one with a mistress, a clandestine affair”. Comment

5- Sikkim-Tibet border: an historical perspective

Of the entire 3,488km Sino-Indian border, the only section on which both countries agree that there is no dispute is the 220km Sikkim-Tibet section of the boundary. This is because under the Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890, the Sikkim-Tibet border was agreed upon and in 1895 it was jointly demarcated on the ground.

Read this for historical perspective.

6- NPA resolution: a rough road ahead

The most important takeaway from the latest “Financial Stability Report”, released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last week, is that conditions in the Indian financial system are expected to deteriorate further before they improve. There is more pain ahead.

Q- What is meant by NPA? Mentions about the steps taken by RBI to solve the menace of NPA in banking sector.

Link it with GS Paper 3 (Banking sector)

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