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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (10th July)

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1- Power games at the tri-junction

The current border stand-off suggests India is likely to become bolder in resisting the idea of power disparity.

Q- “India-China relations are undergoing a change”. “China believes that India should acknowledge the power disparity between the two sides and show appropriate deference to China.” Examine

2- Corruption in the era of liberalisation

With its tentacles spreading to every branch of the state, corruption’s salience has never been higher.

Q- Liberalization has ushered in corruption in a much greater variety of forms and on an unimaginably greater scale than anything seen under the so-called licence raj. Critically examine.

3- Is artificial intelligence fuelling natural stupidity?

We are at a stage where the genial news environment committed to truth and public interest is under pressure.

Link it with Essay paper.

4- ‘China seen as more innovative in IT than India’

A 7% growth rate is not good enough for India and its IT industry has missed the bus on innovation by sticking to a template that worked 25 years ago, believes economist Soumitra Dutta who co-authors the World Economic Forum‘s annual Global Information Technology report. 

5- Internal insecurity

It is unfortunate that even though we have a strong government at the Centre, the internal security situation of the country has not shown any marked improvement over what it inherited from the UPA regime.

Link it with GS Paper 3 (Internal security).

6- LG vs CM in Puducherry: Understanding the question of nomination to UT House

What exactly did the LG do, which precipitated the latest round of confrontation with the Chief Minister? What are the provisions under which she acted? What is the background and context of that law? The Indian Express explains.

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