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Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (11th July)

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1- The think tank and the ashram

Anniversaries often become moments of rhetoric and hypocrisy rather than a space for recollection, a crossroads about future strategies and debates. One needs to rethink them. The more literally charismatic the person, the greater the attempt to embalm him in mothballs. The Gandhian idea suffers most from it as the regime plays officially Gandhian, even moving into the Khadi and Village Industries Commission calendar.

Q- On Sabarmati Ashram’s 100th anniversary it is time to retune it, so the great rituals of freedom, faith and inventiveness can begin again. Discuss

2- Reading between the numbers

July 11 has been designated by the United Nations as World Population Day. The UN chooses one aspect of population to draw attention to each year; this year the theme is access to family planning.

Q- What is ‘demographic dividend’ ? The demographic dividend can either be taken advantage of as a fortuitous economic opportunity or be a lost chance, depending on how the Government deploys the huge emerging workforce into productive streams of economic activity. Comment

3- Bring the House up to date

Parliamentary privileges originated during the long struggle for democracy and citizen’s rights in Britain, between a monarch and Parliament as kings used to get members who spoke or were likely to speak against the king arrested. Today, our legislators get citizens and journalists arrested.

Q- The balance between fundamental rights and parliamentary privilege must be re-examined. Comment

4- Targeting trawling

Tamil Nadu must hasten the transition from trawling to deep sea fishing.

5- The great Indian migration

Despite the decline in total fertility rates (TFR) countrywide, 12 States continue to have TFR above 2.1 children per woman, known as replacement-level fertility. However, when the TFR declines, the drop does not stop at 2.1, as seen in Kerala (1.6), Tamil Nadu (1.7) and Karnataka (1.8).

6- A Patriot And A Gentleman

Naresh Chandra underplayed his role in nuclear programme, economic liberalisation.

Link it with GS Paper 4 (Administrators)

7- How ‘economic complexity’ translates into diversified trade and faster growth

Economic pole of global growth has moved from China to India, shows Harvard research. Why do some countries grow faster than others?

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