Study smart, not more

Motivational post—Formula for study smart, not more:—

1) Study for chunks of 30-40 minutes in a session ( not continuous for hours in one sitting) after that do something fun or physical work etc for 10-15 minutes 
2) Reward yourself after finishing your entire day (for eg by having ice cream or episodes of any series etc). As it always works as positive reinforcement. Always rewards your good work. 

3) Study concepts first then only go for facts. 

4) Once you learn the concepts, test yourself by solving previous years UPSC questions and learn actively

5) Highlight the important terms for fast revision but don’t do over highlighting 

6) Summarize what you have learned by teaching it as its useful exercise for recalling the information to ensure that you understand the subject completely

7) To memorise use mnemonics (mnemonics can be associated with 3 types– 

a) Acronyms- For eg VIBGYOR (our PM and VP are known for it ☺️)

b) Coined saying:- For eg- any proverb or poem or any line

c) Image association : To create a story in your head.

8) A dedicated space for Study as environment always impacts our Study behaviour 

9) Take smart notes and expand them ASAP after the class 

10) Spaced repetition is vital (revising what you have learned at increasing intervals) 

11) Read books with technique of SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and review). 
Thank you!

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