Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (16th October)

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1. Pro bono criterion for judges too?

Taking its cue from the Supreme Court’s guidelines issued last Thursday, which stated that a lawyer should have fought a certain number of cases pro bono or free of cost in order to be designated as a senior lawyer, the government wants the same principle to be followed in the appointment of judges.

2. The right to read, and be read

Bans on books strike at the principles of justice that are meant to fortify our democracy.

3. Between disarmament and deterrence

What does it mean by nuclear deterrence? The putative security benefits of nuclear deterrence have to be assessed against the real risks, costs and constraints, including human and system errors. Comment.

4. The case for a public health cadre

A service, on the lines of the IAS, will improve India’s health-care delivery.

What are provisions in Indian constitution to form a new AIS? In the absence of a public health cadre, It led to failure of application of public health management. Examine.

5. On dangerous footing

Donald Trump, uncertainty, and Iran’s economy

By refusing to certify the Iran nuclear deal, which curbed its nuclear programme in return for lifting global sanctions, U.S. President Donald Trump has put the two-year-old pact on dangerous footing.

6. Cybersecurity starts at the top

The truth is that the threat posed by cybersecurity breaches is both acute and avoidable. The key to mitigating it is to understand that cybersecurity isn’t simply a technology issue….

7. All hype on energy

India continues to lack a clear roadmap for encouraging the use of clean fuel.

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