Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (18th October)

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1. Making the Internet disappear
Courts must take into account the exceptional character of Net shutdowns and their impact on civil liberties.

Q. The notion that the government must have the ability to control the Internet in order to preserve law and order is attractive but at the cost of a permanent loss of freedom. Comment

2. Political and partisan

There are numerous such instances in our polity where the Speaker of the Assembly has precipitated a political crisis by seemingly political decisions.

Q. The position of the Indian Speaker is paradoxical. On one hand he/she is MP/MLA representing political party, on other hand is expected to conduct himself or herself in a non-partisan manner. Suggest reforms to make speaker post more non-partisan.

3. Power of the hashtag

Q. Social media must not only be a medium of protest but also a toolto mobilise people. Comment.

4. Possibilities amidst flux in South Asia

As the US recalibrates its ties with Pakistan and Afghanistan, India must find ways to intervene in the new strategic spaces.

5. Gone girl

The recent Supreme Court verdict provides rare relief to the female victims of early marriage. The verdict says a man who has sex with a wife less than 18 years can be charged of rape.

6. Reducing inequality need not hurt growth

The latest IMF report, called the Fiscal Monitor, is cautioning about increasing inequality in the world.

7. Retrench India’s farm economy to sustain it

Our agriculture policy needs to focus on improving productivity instead of price support.

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