Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (23rd October)

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1. In a foreign policy haze

In an ambitious statement ahead of his visit to India this week, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson set the course for India-U.S. relations going ahead, mapping convergences in connectivity, trade and economics and counter-terrorism cooperation.

Q. Describe India-US relationship in the context of Af-pak region.

2. It’s time to make deep emission cuts

Human activities, the collective choices we have made to deploy fossil fuels and change land uses, are responsible for the release of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and associated global warming.

3. Cycle of terror

The multiple terror attacks that killed at least 200 people in Afghanistan last week has set alarm bells ringing in Kabul. That the attacks occurred at a time when the United States was putting to work its new strategy to stabilise Afghanistan underscores the resolve of the militants to stay the course of insurgency.

4. Unacceptable fetters

The Rajasthan ordinance making it a punishable offence to disclose the names of public servants facing allegations of corruption before the government grants formal sanction to prosecute them is a grave threat to media freedom and the public’s right to know.

Q. It is time the government enforced a strong body of legislation that punishes the corrupt, protects the honest, and ensures time-bound public services and whistle-blower safety. Discuss.

5. Bhitarakanika has reasons to cheer

Forest authorities are excited over a slight increase in the number of tourists coming to see crocodiles basking on mudflats of the Bhitarakanika National Park

About Bhitarkanika National Park

  • It is a national park located in Kendrapara district of Odisha
  • National Park since 1998
  • Ramsar Convention site since 2002
  • Surrounded by the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Gahirmatha Beach and Marine Sanctuary lies to the east
  • It is home to Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), White Crocodile, Indian python, King Cobra, black ibis, darters and many other species of flora and fauna.
  • The sanctuary is the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India.
  • The national park and wildlife sanctuary is inundated by a number of rivers – Brahmani, Baitarni, Dhamra, Pathsala

6. Growth without industrialization

It is very difficult for newcomers to break into world markets for manufacturing, replicate the experience of Asia’s manufacturing superstars
As we transition from the monsoon to winter, the temporary respite in air pollution is over. A combination of festivals, post-harvest crop burning, firing of brick kilns and reduced wind speed will soon increase the level of particulate air pollution in India.
India must curb intellectual property rights violations, like the one on herbicide tolerant Bt cotton, in order to become an innovation hub.
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