Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (2nd November)

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1. Speed up trial of politicians, says SC

In a determined effort to cleanse politics of criminality and corruption, the apex court said it takes years, probably decades, to complete the trial against a politician.

Q- Criminalisation of politics is becoming common in Indian politics. Critically examine what measure SC & EC have taken to clean political process. Give your suggestions for decriminalization of politics.

2. The stimulus and after

The recapitalisation of public banks is a welcome move but will be a lost effort without accompanying reforms.

3. A list to move on with

It’s both fitting and ironical that there is no better way to describe what’s happening now, other than to say sexual harassment is ‘trending’.

4. Tackling fake news

We need uniform guidelines, regulation and policy regarding fabricated content.

Q. The advent of fake news is not new or recent, only its potential to reach people has amplified due to online platforms and applications that are free. Enumerate its political, social and economic ramifications.

5. Moving up

Where credit is due

India’s surge in the latest World Bank report on “the ease of doing business” around the world — from the 130th position last year to the 100th — could not have come at a better time for the government.

6. From Lenin to Xi Jinping

How the Chinese Communist Party has buried the revolutionary spirit of 1917.

7. Reforms are paying off, now up the ante

The ease of doing business rankings may not be the sole determinant for attracting investment, but the improvement is likely to boost investor confidence as it reflects the government’s commitment to reforms.

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