Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (4th November)

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1. A welfare test for Aadhaar

Aadhaar undeniably has potential, and can perhaps even be a “game changer”. But the way it has been used to design public policies, especially in welfare, seems to have caused havoc.

2. Judiciary is best judge of professional competence, not IB, says SC Collegium

Brushing aside the Intelligence Bureau’s comments on the “professional competence” of advocates whose names were recommended for appointment as Judges, the Supreme Court Collegium has said this can “best be determined” by “members of the higher judiciary”.

3. A blow for child rights

The Supreme Court rules that sex with a minor wife, despite consent, is rape, but activists call for a more realistic perspective to prevent child marriages and also to uphold the rights of young couples.

4. India’s Strategic Connect with the World

The Joint declaration on the Asia-Africa-Growth-Corridor (AAGC) or the ‘Freedom’ Corridor issued at the 52nd annual meeting of the African Development Bank in May 2017 and its subsequent reiteration in the India-Japan Joint Statement during the Japanese Prime Minister’s September 2017 visit to India marked a decisive step in the promotion of connectivity as one of the strategic dimensions of India’s foreign policy.

5. ‘Article 35A is not part of the Constitution of India’

“There is an argument projected that the President has no powers to amend the Constitution. The fact of the matter is Article 35A is not part of the Constitution of India.

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