Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (6th November)

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1. Princes, Ministers arrested in Saudi Arabia purge

2. ‘State flouted SC norms in DGP’s appointment’

Q. Police reform is long overdue since National Police Commission recommendation in 70s. Enumerate SC suggestions in Prakash Singh case in context of Police reform.

3. Beyond big game hunting

By accepting an invitation to join the Japan-proposed, U.S.-endorsed plan for a “Quadrilateral” grouping including Australia to provide alternative debt financing for countries in the Indo-Pacific, India has taken a significant turn in its policy for the subcontinent.

Q. while the India’s new plan to involve the U.S. and Japan in development projects in South Asia will yield the necessary finances, it will come at the cost of India’s leverage in its own backyard. Discuss in context of new Quad group.

4. Seize the opportunity

The judiciary should now exercise a firm grip over criminal cases involving politicians.

5. From plate to plough: Farm to distant shores

The new Commerce and Industry Minister, Suresh Prabhu, has expressed his resolve to expand exports. He has said that increase in agri-exports will not only increase the country’s export basket, but also augment farmers’ incomes and ameliorate farm distress.

Q. India can be competitive in cereals, pulses and oilseeds trade if policymakers invest in creating value chains. Comment

6. The new oil game

China is showing increasing interest in the Middle East. India must track its moves.

7. 500 years ago, the seeds of capitalism

Important for Essay paper.

8. Ease of doing business comes at an environmental cost

India has seen a historic jump in ease of doing business this year, but dilution of legislation to facilitate business will hurt the environment.

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