Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (7th November)

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1. The varied legacy of Russia’s October revolution

A century ago, on November 7, the world was shaken by a revolution in Russia. Public recollection on the centenary has been scanty in India thus far, perhaps out of the fear that remembering the Russian Revolution is tantamount to endorsing its outcomes.

Q. Examine the causes of Russian revolution and its significance in the world history.

2. Use editorial freedom wisely: Modi

Q. Editorial freedom must be used wisely in public interest. Press is definitely a power but a misuse of power is criminal. Comment

3. Aiming high, looking far

Five ways in which demonetisation made India a better habitat for formal job creation.

4. Raja Mandala: Commonwealth in the time of Brexit

As India hosts Charles, the Prince of Wales this week, Delhi and London have an opportunity to think afresh about the future of the Commonwealth.

Q. Critically examine the relevancy of Commonwealth in contemporary time and India’s role in its revival if possible.

5. Eliminating the mafia from Indian politics

Last week, the Supreme Court asked the government about the status of criminal cases pending against elected ministers, underlining the importance of breaking from the history of law-breakers becoming law-makers.

6. India’s Oil Predicament

India is the third largest consumer of crude oil in the world and its demand for oil is growing fast at a time when demand growth is slowing down in older industrialised economies.

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