Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (9th November)

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1. The great reset, a year later

Demonetisation was a fundamental corrective to the economy much like liberalisation of the 1990s.

2. Banking on legislation

The recapitalisation of public sector banks (PSBs) through bailouts, be they as budgetary allocation or some sort of bond issue, has evoked much discussion.

Q. Bank recapitalization is a necessary move to improve the health of bank but it also carries a moral hazard. Comment

3. Capital crisis

Delhi’s air quality deteriorates with unfailing regularity at this time of the year, with large swathes of north India in the grip of a suffocating smog, but the State governments that can make it easier for millions to breathe do not act with any sense of urgency.

4. Growth minus development

In rapid-fire, the country was recently hit by three global rankings. The first was the ease of doing business and India improved its global rank, according to the Brettenwoods experts. Now this is happiness. As an economist I believe the turnaround to the higher growth path will come if we do a bit of pump priming and then private investment will be sucked in.

Q. Hunger and Poverty are the biggest challenges for good governance in India still today. Evaluate how far successive governments have progressed in dealing with these humongous problems. Suggest measures for improvement.  (150 words)

5. Smog rises to emergency levels: How the haze can harm Delhi

As smog raises pollution towards emergency levels, Indian Express explains where it came from, why it tends to linger in Delhi, and the ways in which it can impact health.

6. Asia’s maritime-quad might prove elusive

The “quadrilateral” is back, and with a verve that is making strategic pundits sit up and take notice.

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