Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (18th November)

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1. Promoting Solar Power as a Remunerative Crop

In May 2017, the world’s first Solar Pump Irrigators’ Cooperative Enterprise (SPICE) completed its first year of operation in Dhundi village in central Gujarat.

2. Beyond Piketty

Have demonetisation and the GST aggravated income inequality?

3. Timely recognition

Moody’s decision to upgrade India’s sovereign credit rating by a notch after a gap of almost 14 years is undoubtedly a welcome recognition of the country’s enormous economic potential.

4. Odisha’s Potential Role in Enhancing Security in the Bay of Bengal

The Act East Policy and the intent to develop overland communication linkages through the North-Eastern States for enabling the seamless movement of goods and people between the South and South East Asian regions is a strategic necessity for India.

5. Massive energy transition

With an aim to connect 40 million households to the grid by 2018, India is investing heavily in coal mines. But our analysis shows India is chasing a dream far removed from reality.

Q.  “Inspite of adverse environmental impact, coal mining is still inevitable for development”. Discuss  (150 words)

6. How Much Energy Do We Need?

As India grapples with the rising aspirations of a billion-plus people, the abject energy poverty of several hundred million, and concerns of resources and environmental degradation, a question that assumes great importance is: “How much energy do we really need?” The answer to this question critically depends on another question—“Energy for what?”

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