Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (20th November)

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1. More than just a counting game

Urban India must focus on more than toilets to address sanitation woes.

Q. Sanitation is intrinsically linked to health and until its not given top priority, public health cant be improved. Explain.

2. Pacific Ocean’s 11

The revival of the Trans-Pacific Partnership minus the U.S. opens opportunities for India.

Q. What are advantages and disadvantages if India joins Trans-Pacific Partnership ?

3. When billionaires want to save the world

Philanthropy can be a force for good, but it must be accompanied by state support and local stakeholder buy-in.

4. The roots of the crisis in the seed industry

For many decades, the Indian policy framework facilitated the interaction of science and innovation with entrepreneurship, which led to competition and the subsequent development of an industry structure that delivered sustainable economic benefits.

Q. The regulatory system for the seed and biotech industry should be transparent, science-based, predictable and fair. Discuss

5. Catalonia’s lessons for India

The ongoing crisis in Catalonia region is a salutary reminder to India of what can go wrong when regional grievances are allowed to fester.

6. BS-VI emission norms for vehicles: So near and yet so far, here is why

Govt now wants superclean fuel in Delhi by April next year. Can automakers supply the cars? What are the practical, financial and technological hurdles to meeting the deadlines on govt’s clean fuel roadmap?

7. From Plate to Plough: Onion tears and how to wipe them

Onion farmers have suffered even in a bumper crop year. Needed: Scientific storage facilities, a judicious trade policy.

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