Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (21st November)

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1. Losing the war, winning the peace

India is not short of memories on 1962. The India-China War ended fifty-five years ago to the day, yet each winter brings back reminiscences of the conflict.

2. The danger of electoral bonds

It is difficult to imagine a better instrument to ease the flow of black money to political parties.

Q. What are electoral bonds?  Do you think electoral bonds would help address flow of black money into political parties? What are the other alternatives available? Critically Examine.

3. A fine balance

Over four months into the troubled implementation of the goods and services tax, the Centre has operationalised a provision in the GST law that has been worrying industry.

Q. What are aims and objectives of  National Anti-profiteering Authority? What are concerns against its mandated power?

4. It’s the real economy 

Corrective steps are needed to recover momentum in industrial growth.

5. Aadhaar or else

In Jharkhand, ABBA was first made compulsory for PDS users in Ranchi district in August 2016. By June 2017, it was mandatory in about 80 per cent of the ration shops across the state. This meant, of course, that Aadhaar itself was compulsory — no Aadhaar, no food.

6. Farm policies for India

Farmers from across the country are out on Delhi’s streets agitating just as the deliberations for the 2018 budget are beginning and it’s time to seek solutions to the structural issues that plague the system.

Q. Addressing structural issues in agricultural policy and giving autonomy to state can revive the agricultural growth and farm income in India. Examine.

7. Reaching the bottom of India’s digital pyramid

Without the inclusion of far-flung rural areas, Digital India programme will only magnify the digital inequality in the country.

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