Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (25th November)

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1. The agony of Stuartpuram

The Yerukulas were first criminalised by the British and forced into a ‘reformatory’ colony named ‘Stuartpuram’ in 1913. P. Samuel Jonathan reports on the tragic history of a community devastated by colonial prejudice and tracks their struggle to reclaim a life of dignity

2. States of healthcare

Data from Global Burden of Disease study will help states chart their individual trajectories. They need to beef up disease monitoring systems.

3. No proof required: Making RBI accountable

The first year of operation of the Monetary Policy Committee has imposed considerable costs on the economy with very few benefits. What explains its decisions?

4. Weight gain during pregnancy may help shorter women have healthy babies

UNICEF estimates that 8 million babies are born with low weight every year in India.

5. India’s changing approach to global governance

India is increasingly unwilling to tolerate the old boys club with its closed membership.

Q. India’s enthusiasm for multilateral global governance did not bear fruit in terms of forwarding its own national interests. Comment.

6. Can renewables make India energy secure?

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has acknowledged India would be the fastest growing energy consumer – and market – till 2040. This applies not only to the hydrocarbon sector, but also for renewable energy (RE), as fast-declining costs turn solar and wind energy into the main drivers of growth in the power sector.

7. Bio-toilets in trains not effective; they are no better than septic tanks: IIT Madras

About 93,537 bio-digesters have been installed in trains so far at a cost of Rs 1,305 crore.

Q. What are bio-toilets? What are their working mechanism?

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