Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (27th November)

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1. That fifties show

When does the decade of the 1950s really begin for India and at what point does it end?

Important for Post-independence history of India after 1947 till 1962.

2. A toolkit to think local

Policymakers in India need reliable disease burden data at subnational levels. Planning based on local trends can improve the health of populations more effectively. Till now, a comprehensive assessment of the diseases causing the most premature deaths and ill health in each State, the risk factors responsible for this burden and their time trends have not been available.

3. Don’t criminalise usury

The recent suicides of a Tamil movie producer in Chennai and a family of daily wage earners in Tirunelveli have led to strong demands for punitive action against moneylenders. Both cases have been linked to harassment by financiers accused of demanding high interest on loans given to the victims.

4. Locked out, without a GI tag

Q. GIs support local production and are an important economic tool for the uplift of rural and tribal communities. How is GI different from Intellectual Property Rights?

5. Trade and industrial policy must converge

Q. The government should prioritize the design of industrial policies that benefit the country from integrating with global value chains. Discuss.

6. Understanding Bitcoin: fraud, or the future of money?

Is the digital currency a liberating innovation that helps consumers free themselves from punishing government regulations globally? Or, flipping the Bitcoin, is the online currency a grand delusion — even a move that benefits the world of crime?

7. How a dust storm from 3,000 km away smothered Delhi this month

t began as a giant swirl over Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the last week of October, grounding aircraft and halting the war against the IS — and was then propelled eastward by a set of peculiar atmospheric conditions, covering all towns and cities in its path by a choking, blinding haze.

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