Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (28th November)

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1. Childhood foregone

Two years after governments set a 2025 target to end child labour, delegates from 100 nations at a recent conference in Buenos Aires were told that they will miss the deadline. The implication is also that realising the objective could take well over 20 years after the expiry of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Q. Child labour is still exist in India, despite enacting various legislation.  What are the factors behind it and how India can achieve the SDG of eradicating child labour ?

2. Road to chaos: Pakistan’s face-off with extremists

Pakistan’s government stands undermined at the end of a long face-off with extremists.

3. In the name of faith

It is dangerous to push ideologies that are oppressive and spread fear.

4. Raja Mandala: Saudi Arabia and the ghosts of 1979

Events that year had a deep impact on the Subcontinent. Delhi must cheer on Saudi crown prince’s effort to take on religious extremists.

5. Empowering women through job creation

To take their rightful place in the workforce, women need more formal sector employment opportunities.

6. Balancing patents and drug prices

We must achieve a balance between the current and future needs of patients and the timely introduction of existing and new pharmaceutical drugs.

7. The judiciary needs a Ulysses pact

The Indian judiciary has become all powerful, mostly by taking on enormous authority in policy areas, that are technically beyond its ambit.

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