Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (29th November)

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1. Freedom first

The Supreme Court’s order allowing Hadiya freedom of movement was long overdue.

2. Telecom regulator backs Net neutrality

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Tuesday came out in strong support of Net neutrality in a series of recommendations following a long process of consultations.

3. Hunting for solutions

Local African voices need to be heard in the debate on trophy hunting.

4. PPP: private profits promoted

In a PPP framework, the private sector partner needs to maximize profit, which is not always compatible with the stated objective of providing universal access to quality services.

5. Net neutrality a bold step towards ensuring equitable internet for all

Q. What is net neutrality? The net neutrality recommendations by Trai will ensure a level playing field for services providers to innovate and customize in India. Comment

6. On the Anniversary of 26/11, India Needs to See Beyond the US Model of Counter-Terrorism

Homeland security will be better served by basic fixes in India’s law enforcement system rather than by the deployment of sophisticated technology and weaponry.

7. The Creeping Threat to the Autonomy of Parliament

The delay in convening the winter session is symptomatic of a deeper malaise – the attempt by the executive to subvert the independent function of the legislature and its secretariat.

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