Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (30th November)

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1. Indus civilisation developed around extinct river: study

Contrary to current belief, it was the departure of a large river — not its arrival — that triggered the growth of Indus urban centres that developed in what is now northwest India and Pakistan some 5,300 years ago, says a new study.

Q. The Indus civilisation developed at about the same time as urban civilisations developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Substantiate.

2. India unlikely to cut malaria by half in 2020: WHO

India accounted for 6% of global malaria cases and 7% of deaths caused by it in 2016, according to a report released on Wednesdayby the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Q. What are the challenges India is facing to eradicate vector-born diseases?

3. The road to an open Internet

A neutral Internet

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) finally came out with clear guidelines in favour of Net neutrality that are consistent with its earlier stand on Facebook’s Free Basics proposal.

4. Against gender rights

The decision to re-introduce the 2016 Bill on transgender rights makesa mockery of democratic norms.

5. Electric cars and us

While adopting a technology, Indians have made changes to their attitudes and societal norms but often also made the technology work around their instincts. One area where the law of the jungle seems to prevail is the road, especially in cities.

6. Cryptocurrencies here to stay

Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies that have gained popularity across the world. A cryptocurrency is a basically a digital asset that has been created to function as a medium of exchange, like cash.

7. Eliminate torture

Enacting a law prohibiting torture is both a moral imperative and a pragmatic necessity. The Union government has informed the Supreme Court that it is seriously considering the 273rd Report of the Law Commission, which has recommended that India ratify the United Nations Convention against Torture and pass a law to prevent torture and punish its perpetrators.

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