Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (1st December)

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1. Such a strange silence

The Pope has been in South Asia this week, with the focus of his stops in Bangladesh and Myanmar on the reconciliation and rehabilitation of more than 836,000 Rohingya (including 623,000 since August, according to the UN’s International Organisation for Migration) who have fled gruesome violence in Myanmar.

Q. India’s reticence on the Rohingya crisis undermines its democracy and global standing. Critically comment

2. Dealing with data

The dawn of the information age opened up great opportunities for the beneficial use of data. It also enhanced the perils of unregulated and arbitrary use of personal data.

3. Some animals are more equal than others

It is time we gave priority to animals on the basis of the threat perception.

4. Should Padmavati be screened?

Padmavati: How a Sufi text for Rajput kings became a tool of nationalism

There is no provision for banning a film inthe certification rules.

5. Responsibility without power

That the government in Delhi is elected yet circumscribed points to a constitutional anomaly. Apex court should correct it.

6. Buried in the rankings din

The credit rating company, Moody’s, has upgraded India’s investment ranking from the lowest to one notch up. This was preceded by India’s 30-spot rise in the “Ease of Doing Business” rankings, from 130 to 100. Both these upgrades, from rock bottom to slightly-higher-than-rock-bottom, have created a media stir, with a barrage of congratulatory op-eds and commentaries, including in the daily FM radio shows that belt out the latest hits.

Q. Gender gaps come in the way of business competitiveness.  How should India should improve its ranking in The Global Gender Gap rating?

7. How to free Indians from the medical poverty trap

Quality certification for generic medicines will increase their adoption and lower the overall expense on medicines.

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