Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (4th December)

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1. Disability rights over time

Q. In 1992, the United Nations announced that December 3 would be observed every year as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. List out rights of Person with disability (PoD) and govt’s initiatives for their empowerment.

2. Capturing crime

The National Crime Records Bureau data for 2016 on two important aspects, violent crime and crime against women, should prompt State governments to make a serious study of the underlying causes.

3. The Brahmaputra conundrum

The news that China is planning to divert the waters of the Yarlung Tsangpo (the upper stream of India’s Brahmaputra) to its water-starved Xinjiang province is hardly surprising.

4. Bit of a bubble?

One lakh rupees invested in bitcoin in 2010 would be worth a few hundred crore rupees today. That is the kind of extraordinary return the digital currency has given investors as its price has witnessed a meteoric rise, from just a few cents in 2010 to hit a lifetime high of over $11,000 last week.

5. A cyclone called Ockhi — why this is raising such an unusual storm

Cyclones are no strangers to the Indian coast, our east coast in particular witnessing several cyclonic storms each year. Yet, Ockhi, the latest powerful cyclone, is unlike other recent ones.

Q. What are cyclones and how names are given? Why does BoB witness more cyclones than Arabian sea? Explain with diagram.

6. Return to Alma Ata

India’s healthcare debate should go back to the 40-year-old declaration that accords centrality to the local medical worker.

7. How Chabahar Port could bring India and its partners a new spring

Chabahar Port, inaugurated on Sunday, has been jointly developed by India, Iran and Afghanistan. The port, noted by both Al Biruni and Alexander the Great, could be a game-changer for its developers now.

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