Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (5th December)

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1. Zheng and now

In Kerala’s Kozhikode, hunt for a Chinese legend

A figure from Chinese maritime history is a symbol of China’s prowess and inspires its maritime ambitions.

2. Who swings the vote in India?

Party leaders and their ideological messages matter more to voters than middlemen.

3. Stand up against torture

The Convention Against Torture (CAT) came into force in 1987 and India signed it in 1997. Today, the CAT has 162 state parties; 83 are signatories. In refusing to ratify the CAT, India is in the inglorious company of Angola, the Bahamas, Brunei, Gambia, Haiti, Palau, and Sudan.

Q. India’s NHRC had reported a significant number of torture cases involving police and security organisations. Should India sign The Convention Against Torture (CAT) ? Justify your views.

4. Bail-in doubts

The government needs to re-examinethe proposed financial resolution legislation.

5. Estonia has lessons for India’s digital economy

India must resist a regulatory culture that is suspicious of foreign competitors and believes that success must be indigenous.

6. Raja Mandala: After Indo-Pacific, the Eurasian idea

If Indo-Pacific is an idea that gained traction during 2017, Delhi must now cope with another expansive geopolitical construct — Eurasia. The Indian political and policy establishment, long brought up on the notion that Europe and Asia are different, must adapt to their slow but certain integration into a single geopolitical theatre.

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