Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (6th December)

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1. India’s plural soul

The partitioning of India broke us, shamed us. It is estimated that nearly two million were slaughtered during the weeks around Partition, almost no Muslim surviving in East Punjab and no Hindu or Sikh in West Punjab.

2. Of crime and punishment

Low conviction rates and a lack of a lawful definition of crime mark criminal administration in India.

Q. Police reform in India has been concerned with political interference ever since the landmark Supreme Court judgement, in 2006, on the subject. The focus should really be on reorganising criminal administration. Comment

3. Fight for market economy status

Last week, the U.S. protested at the World Trade Organisation against China’s bid for recognition as a market economy. Its opposition is a counter to China’s 2016 legal challenge against the U.S. and the European Union, both of which refuse to accord China the coveted status it wants.

4. GST opens up a lot of data for policymaking, says T.C.A. Anant

The Chief Statistician of India on the economy, the meaning of the new series of GDP data, and the need to wait for the impact of demonetisation to unfold

5. Revolutionizing the Indian housing dream

For the ‘Housing For All by 2022’ programme to fructify, the entire housing ecosystem needs to be well developed and all stakeholders need a unified vision.

6. The need to rethink skilling India

Q. Skill training should be viewed as a complementary part of mainstream education, rather than being regarded as an inferior alternative. Comment

7. Invitation To A Jugalbandi

December in Delhi is when the migratory birds fly in, as do foreign scholars. Some of these will be part of the General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which opens on December 11. Since 1965, ICOMOS has worked with Unesco on World Heritage Sites.

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