Checklist for UPSC 2018 – Are you on the right track?

Hello students,
With less than 6 months left for the UPSC 2018 Prelims, you should be in a position to assess your UPSC preparation and know where you stand.
Many aspirants like you have a question in their mind – “am I on the right track?”
“Will I be able to crack this year’s UPSC exam?”
Here is the scale to measure to assess your training!

The Basic Checklist

Answer each of the following in a yes or a no.

1. Have you covered some Basic NCERT books?
2. Are you reading the newspaper regularly?

3. Have you been following standard textbooks?

4. Are you making notes for the subjects or having notes properly?
5. Have you solved last five years’ Prelims Question Papers?
6. Have you been able to write one Mains answers regularly?
7. Have you completed 40% of Optional paper’s syllabus?
8. Are you able to understand the concepts clearly without any problem?
9. Are you following a study plan with discipline?
10. Are you setting and achieving your personal goals?
11. Are you attending classes regularly ? 
12. Are you attending mock tests of prelims ?
13. Are you solving Daily quiz religiously?
Evaluate yourself on the basis of the above checklist honestly.
If you got 10 Yes’s or more – Good going! You seem to be on the right track. Just keep up the good work and convert the remaining ‘No’ into ‘Yes’, and you’ll nail the exam!


If you got 5-9 Yes’s – You need some more work. Maybe the strategy you have been following isn’t right, maybe the material you’re referring isn’t enough. You need to put some more effort and the exam is all yours!

If you got less than 5 Yes’s – DO NOT Get disheartened. You have almost 6 months for the exam, just give it your all. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and make a strategy accordingly. It may seem difficult, but it certainly can’t be impossible.
But remember – even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Just keep putting in efforts.
Good Luck!

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