Difference between the UPSC preparation of Successful candidate and others

This guest blog is written by Vaatsalya Pandit (Cleared in 2016) for aspirants!

  • Firstly, Normal candidate tries to cover all the areas despite knowing one’s weakness and strengths. While on the contrary, a successful candidate tries to go selective while selective topics.
    For eg- I used to leave medieval as a topic and use to refer a list of terms before exams. Like Ibaddat Khana of Akbar, Jaziya.
  • Secondly, Candidates don’t realize the importance of regular switching to OUTPUT mode. While successful candidates usually follow this strategy.
    For eg- 
    revising notes and reading books (input mode) -> Solving Questions and Try to sharpen the ability to solve both MCQs and Descriptive type of questions.
  • Thirdly, Following Targets in desired manner and do things which is the need of the hour.
    For eg- Enjoy at the time of enjoyment and dont think about studies at that time and while studying ,just study, Dont think about enjoyment.

    How One Can Overcome these and become Successful ?

  1. Overcome Fear -> Fear is the biggest impediment in the path of success.
  2. Draw a boundary on the basis of Last year Question Papers for both Prelims and Mains
    For Eg – Chola Empire is UPSC’s Favorite , read it in and out and feel it, visualize it.
  3. Trust Yourself– People will tell you 100 other sources which you have not even heard of. Don’t panic, just belive in yourself. UPSC asks From very basics.
    For eg – Topic -> Seperation of Power from Paper 2 has been repeatedly asked from 2013 to 2017 (Refer Last year Question paper UPSC mains paper ) Though the Form has been changed yet the content remains more or less same .

Hence One needs to understand that UPSC needs simple appraoch towards complex topics. As Leonardo Da Vinci has said – “ Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” .

Good Luck!

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