Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (18th January)

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1. Missing the grass for the trees in Western Ghats

Timber plantations, expanding agriculture and the spread of invasive species have eaten into as much as two-thirds of natural grasslands in the Palani Hill range of Western Ghats, shows a recently published study.

2. Talking over a law

As the consequences of the historic press conference of the four seniormost judges of the Supreme Court play out, a constant refrain that has been heard is of the need to resolve differences internally.

3. Three cheers for civil society

As thousands of agitating and agitated Europeans crowded the streets in eastern European cities in 1989, Stalinist states collapsed like the proverbial house of cards.

4. The price prescription

India is the second largest consumer and producer of tobacco-based products — categorised as sin goods or demerit goods — and it has become imperative for policymakers to devise measures to effectively curb their use.

5. Left behind

The right to free and compulsory education must be extended to the 14-18 age group

6. E-way bill: An electronic system to track goods movement, a way to plug leaks under the GST framework

The e-way bill system, now being tried out by 10 states, becomes mandatory from February 1. What is this system, how will it work?

7. Building on India’s family planning success

Empowering women to make reproductive choices is the best way to address fertility, and its associated health challenges in India

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